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Specialized IT Outsourcing Solutions

Our packaged application services practice provides comprehensive and cost-effective management of vendor software products and critical business technologies that rely heavily on subject-matter expertise and systems functional knowledge in the following areas:

Trade Order Management and Compliance Systems

Portfolio Management and Accounting Applications

Derivatives and Risk Management Systems

Annuity and Mutual Fund Technology

Data Warehouse and Reporting Mart Solutions
Gain Expertise on Vendor Products

Expertise Directly Relevant To Your Needs

  Domain Expertise on Several of the Leading Vendor Software Packages

  Functional and Technical Knowledge of Vendor Product Features
  Implementation, Integration and Upgrade Experience

On-Site and Offshore Delivery Model

Integrated USA and Offshore Delivery Model

Outsourcing Methodology and Risk Management

Service Level Management and Performance Monitoring

On-Site Project Management and Business Analysis

Offshore IT Development and Support Services
Reduce IT Costs & Improve Business Results

Services Tailored To Your Requirements

  Implementations, Enhancements and Version Upgrades

  Release Testing, Systems Integration Testing and QA

  Development, Integration and Systems Support Services

  Custom Reports Development using BI Reporting Tools

  Production Maintenance and Support (Tier 1 thru 3)

  Outsourcing Project Management and Business Analysis